We are on Cape Cod in the middle of an actual, real-life winter. No 70 degree winters here, because San Diego is long gone. We are living in Robbie’s dad’s holiday house in Orleans, Mass. We had our wedding reception here in 2010 and it’s just as beautiful covered in snow as I remember it in the early days of autumn. The property looks like something out of a Scandinavian Christmas story.

Here in this quiet, isolated wonderland, we have a lot of time to think. Maybe a little too much time to think. We got here in the middle of winter. We haven’t met a soul since we’ve been here. It’s just us – me and Robbie and Finn and this boy on the way. New Englanders come to the Cape in summer in droves, but in winter it’s quiet. Isolated might be a better word. Some days we can drive the whole way to town and not see another car on the road. When you stand outside amongst these trees blanketed in snow, all you can hear is the sound of your own breath. The cold is invigorating and the beauty is breathtaking but the silence can be deafening.

These pictures summarize our life here pretty well. The driveway after a snow storm. Finn watching (directing) daddy while he shovels the driveway. Finn picking up chunks of ice with his bare hands. Dropping it when it burns. Crying. Picking it up again. The wreath on the front door (we’re so Christmassy!) Holly tree love. Our view. Robbie jogging during a blizzard. DEER!! Beauty and isolation. And love.









Rob jogging