we were just saying

We were just saying that Bennett’s new haircut makes him look a bit feral. And then he came into the kitchen wearing a crotchet ring on his head. What you can’t see here is the straight fringe and back to match. The hairdresser had a creative vision of what he should look like. That vision was Mowgli from the Jungle Book. I’ve had the boys hair cut at a hairdresser three times and I’ve done it at home three times and the difference is about $30. Why do hairdressers have so much trouble with toddlers hair?

And this really bothers me. The toddler haircut thing. It took Finn’s hair six months to recover from the buzz cut fiasco. I know how silly it is to care about what my toddlers hair looks like. As long as they are happy who cares? And I know that it’s cute to have photos of bad haircuts from your childhood. I still want my kids to have nice hair.

Ironically, I’ve allowed my own hair to grow to Sutherland Sister length, which is disturbing the people around me. Also, it’s falling out. Which Dr Google tells me is normal after about five months of exclusively breastfeeding but it keeps jamming up the vacuum cleaner. One reason it’s taken me so long to get it cut is that I haven’t found a hairdresser who can replace my hairdresser in Sydney. She was a wizard. A magical hair wizard. But also, I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding so I haven’t been able to leave Jules to go get it done.

Last week I booked an appointment with a one-chair hairdresser in Boston. She asks clients to send photos of landscapes or art or architecture that reflect the vibe they want to communicate through their hair. I think I’ve found my new “forever” hairdresser.

In other hair related news, Robbie came home after his weekend of partying looking like he’d gained ten pounds. It took me a full hour to realize that he’d gotten a haircut.

And now I’m off to find some pictures of Scandinavian libraries to send my hairdresser.

we were just saying