straight talkin

Me: Please ask me before you break anything or tear anything, okay? You won’t know if I need it for something if you don’t ask.

Finn: The reason I didn’t ask you is because I thought you would say no.

Me: I would have said no. That’s the point. I needed this and now it’s ripped and I can’t use it anymore.

Finn: Mommy, can you please stop talking – it’s making my whole body tired.

Finn rules this roost. Everyone knows that. The problem is he’s four.

He is the sheriff in town at school too, letting everyone know the rules and coming down hard on anyone who breaks them. He breaks them of course but, you know, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I’m 41 weeks pregnant. Working on the behavior of a four year old when you have an almost two year old is hard enough on its own but we’re about to throw a newborn into the mix. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and at times I’ve been feeling irresponsible. It feels irresponsible to have a third child when you haven’t got a handle on your first two. I know we’ll never have a handle on any of these boys, but it would be nice to have a somewhat calm environment to bring a newborn home to.

Enter Gail the Great. My mum has been here for the past month or so and she has a way with Finn that I’m trying to learn. It’s like he (begrudgingly) accepts that she won’t take any of his crap. And somehow he’s always behaving like an angel when he’s been left alone with her for a few hours. He’ll be sitting with Bennett, sharing toys or they’ll be drawing side by side. It’s twilight zone weird. And awesome.

My challenges with parenting are for another blog post – one that isn’t written on zero sleep and crazy pregnancy hormones. For now let’s just say I’m grateful for my mum. For parenting me, and my kids.

I plan to be in actual labor at some point today. That’s the plan. So see you when I have a newborn, okay?