Grandvewe Cheese

I’m in Australia! Sorry I just up and left, I hate good-byes. I arrived in Sydney on Thursday last week after 20 hours in the air with Jules. Turns out, four month old babies make the best travel companions. I left Robbie to look after Finn and Bennett with the help of his amazing mom and dad. Like most of my major life decisions, this trip was planned on a whim. Old friends Harry, Alistair and Adam were having a birthday party/ reunion in Tasmania and it seemed like a great excuse to introduce Jules to my Dad and brothers in Sydney.

My dear friends Sam and Rene live in Tasmania so after the party we spent three days there. It was gorgeous and peaceful and rejuvenating. We stayed in an eco lodge and had visits from chickens and possums and pademelons. My friend Sam, who is famous for finding the best cheese and chocolate in any city, took us to two chocolatiers and two cheeseries and we all ate what many would consider too much of both.

After Tasmania we spent a couple of days in Sydney before driving to the Blue Mountains. We had high tea at the Hydro Majestic, stayed at Lilianfels in a quaint hotel room with slow wifi and visited the Three Sisters. Now we’re back in Sydney and spending time with my family. My mum’s backyard is alive with Australianess, which I’m posting on Instagram if you’re interested.

Now I’m visiting with family until Thursday and then it’s home to my loves.

Sydney Harbor