I should tell you that I’m emotional. Yes, in general but particularly today. It might be that my mum is here from Australia and I’m feeling my roots and history more than usual. It could be that I haven’t been sleeping since we moved Bennett into a bed and Jules into the big crib a week ago. Or it could be that our baby boy turned one year old at 7:01pm last night.

Jules is already one of the boys. He climbs the couch and holds his own in a toy tug-of-war. He’s about to start walking. Before we know it he’ll be talking. Last night, on his first birthday, as Robbie walked grandpa out to the car, Jules started crawling frantically for the door and as clear as day he said, “Dada!” It just kind of happened, like every milestone just kind of happens. In the moment it’s an emotional bomb going off – and then a day later – the new normal. There’s no time to dwell on the past because the future is already full steam ahead.