So this is my hair. The other half is in a vacuum cleaner bag at the Green Room in Boston. My single chair salon experience went just as perfectly as expected. The haircut was fun, but just being out on my own -­­­­­ I was like a giddy school girl. It was bananas. I don’t I feel like I’ve had any time to do anything for myself lately (strangely, I’ve had time to change my Siri settings to a British accent), so a whole 3 and a half hours of complete me-time was pretty amazing. Nobody to nurse, nobody to make a snack for, no drama to mediate or Play dough to extract from somewhere it shouldn’t be.

It was a perfectly cold and sunny day in Boston. I walked around Boston Common and bought a bag of pastries from Tatte bakery (a. bag. of. pastries). I drank a whole 12 oz coffee and I didn’t have to reheat it once. It was all very overwhelming. What you don’t realize before having three children under 5 is how hard it will be to get out and do your own thing for a few hours. You think you know, but you don’t really know. I literally daydream of a cabin in the Berkshires. Just me and Robbie. For like, 30 hours. Just a day and a night plus travel time. It’s so weird how you can be together aaaallll the time but still feel like you don’t have any time together.

Anyway I thought it might be time to change my profile picture. Just because Anna Wintour wears her sunglasses indoors doesn’t mean we all should.