Finn has his own phone. Which is to say, he has a piece of cardboard with a picture of an iphone glued to it, to which he has added some handwritten “texts”. He asks Siri what her favorite color is and then responds in a different voice, “it’s green with more dimensions”. Yesterday he came into my room while I was on my computer and said “I have to take a call.” Then he walked around the room on his cardboard phone. “Ugh! It’s snowing here too.” “Oh, your wearing the purple and green sparkle skirt? I really like that one. That’s great.”

He’s pretty serious about the phone. He forgot to bring it to Lucky Finn’s on the weekend and it was a huge inconvenience because he literally had nothing to do while he ate his scone. He had to talk to us, which is a total drag.

Bennett thinks he is “a” Bennett. Like he’s going to grow out of it or something. Like he’ll be a Bennett for the next couple of years then he’ll move onto the big leagues and become a Finn. When he’s accomplished all there is to accomplish as a Finn (use scissors, draw with a Sharpie, skip naps…) then he’ll be a “daddy”. And being a daddy has less to do with actually fathering children and more to do with being reallllly old.

And then there’s everybody’s favorite baby brother Julesy-bops. This kid has no choice but to roll with the big boys. He opens doors, eats anything his brothers eat and will take a five-year-old down if that five-year-old has a toy he wants. Our little bruiser can hold his own.