I just got back from a weekend in Manhattan. My friend was in from London for work and Robbie is awesome about letting me go see friends when they are in town. He looks after the boys while I go away and I look after them when he has a boys trip to Cali. It’s all about compromise. This month I was on Cape Cod with friends from San Diego and NYC with a friend from Sydney, because sometimes the odds are in my favor.

I drove from Boston through Connecticut on the I95. Hey Connecticut, I love your leaves. This time of year is gorgeous everywhere on the east coast. Autumn makes driving instead of flying so worth it.

My friend knows NYC better than me so I left the itinerary up to him. On Saturday we went to ABC Kitchen for some tasty semi-vegetarian food and after lunch we minced around ABC Home. Which is a NYC experience in itself. I could have easily stayed overnight in their baby department, curled up in the fetal position in one of their designer cribs surrounded by adorable toys curated from all over the world. The layout reminded me of the Paris Market and Brocante in Savannah, Georgia, which I wrote about in my cemeteries, antiquing and fried green tomatoes post.

I wanted to share some pics of ABC Home’s baby department. A little inspiration for the nursery for baby boy #3.