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As fun as they are, the little red and white Sample Society boxes from Allure have been outdone by the marketing department at GLOSSYBOX.  PS: pink always wins.

I tried the June and July editions of GLOSSYBOX and they converted me. Here’s the lowdown…

Cost: $21 a month for the standard box
Value: Claims to be worth around $70

Unlike some other services, GLOSSYBOX curates the box they send to you. You complete your profile and they match products with your preferences.

You can earn GLOSSYDots by reviewing the products you try. After collecting a lot (a lot) of GLOSSYDots, you get a free GLOSSYBOX.

PROS: The boxes include some high end products and some newer brands. Some product samples are HUGE. Some are full size and even the smallest sizes are big enough to really get a feel for the product.

CONS: As with all subscriptions, some months are better than others. My second box included a full size Kueshi Anti Cellulite Booster. When I Googled it, the first search result was the GLOSSYBOX website. The product had no external reviews. So I feel a little bit like I’m paying $21 for a unknown and possibly useless product. Even the high end cellulite products are kind of hopeless. The other small products included a peppermint flavored lip balm which is no better than most pharmacy brand lip balms. I was also charged for my GLOSSYBOX immediately, only to have to wait for almost a month for my first box. I was excited to get it sooner.

VERDICT: I LOVE the pink and black packaging. The quality of the products is above average – a few high end name brands plus some interesting newer brands. Big samples – some are full size products. There have been a few duds on the lesser known brands but it’s always fun to anticipate the next GLOSSYBOX because it could just be awesome. Well played, GLOSSYBOX marketing department, well played.


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