I’ve been back for a week and I’m still unpacking from my trip. When Virgin finally found my bag, it was in New Jersey. I’ve never been to New Jersey but at least my toothbrush has. They delivered my bag on Sunday night and I was totally expecting a note stuffed in the side pocket that read “Sorry we lost your bags twice in two weeks. We’re ashamed. Please accept a trip for two to the Bahamas as our apology.” That did not happen. On the upside, being separated from my bag for so long made it like Christmas morning when I unpacked all the goodies I brought home from Australia. It was mostly candy. The good stuff. Allen’s pink and white marshmallows, Maltesers, Clinkers, Pashmak Turkish delight and Persian fairy floss.

Thank goodness the boys didn’t grow up too much while I was away, although Bennett now sings all day. AND IT’S ADORABLE. He started school two days after I left for Sydney. He’s never been in any kind of daycare so school is huge. Once I put him in the creche at the gym so I could take a yoga class. I stood outside the door to see how he’d go. He was left on his own and started to cry so I went in and took him home. I cancelled my gym membership the next day. The idea of having him start school without me was hard.

Bennett is sensitive. He needs me more than Finn does. And I secretly love that I’m the only one who can make everything okay as soon as he’s in my arms – skinned knee or fever or thunderstorm. I had been trying not to think about his first day but it was on my mind every day. Robbie took the morning off work to be with him and Grandma picked him up at lunch time. She said he did really well and loves school.

Finn was slacking in jujitsu so we have taken a break from the class. He had been negotiating with his instructor about which exercises he would be participating in and which ones he didn’t care for. His instructor is a well known MMA fighter but Finn was unimpressed and refused to do the crab, frog jump or spider-man warm ups. He told me the animal warm ups made his body tired.

Before I left for Oz, I enrolled him in a drama class at the music and arts conservatory near us. He was excited to be a lion on stage after watching the middle school students perform The Lion King last year. After his first class, Robbie reported that Finn was uninspired to do the drama warm ups. I took him to class on Monday and told him he could have three Clinkers if he tried really hard and paid attention. He’s a sucker for Australian candy too. Success!

And how can I ever truly feel like I’m back home until I’ve been to Five Guys with my four guys. Aaaaaand it’s official.