Welcome! Thank you so much for your interest in working with me. My blog, Les Petits Gazette is an online magazine covering mama, baby and child, home and travel. My following is FOHR Card verified, meaning that my following is 100% authentic, (ie: not inflated by bots and bought followers). My readers are  90% female. About 50% are aged between 35 and 45 and 40% aged between 25 and 34. I am currently offering the following services to sponsors and affiliates. If you are interested in working with me on something that is not on the menu, please email and ask! I am always open to new ideas. I can’t wait to chat!


Advertising: I currently have space for sidebar ads in two sizes – 300px x 300px OR 300px x 600px. Ads run for 30 days and will appear on the right of the page on both the home page and each blog post. Your submission should fit the blog’s aesthetic. I am happy to work with you to improve your submission – if you have any questions email me at helen@lespetitsgazette.com

Giveaways: I will feature up to twelve giveaways per year. A typical giveaway involves an Instagram campaign as well as a blog post.  Please submit your idea via email to helen@lespetitsgazette.com with GIVEAWAY in the subject line.

Product Reviews + Features: I am always looking for quality products and services to talk about. I only feature or endorse products and services that I genuinely love and that reflect my philosophies and interests. Email me at helen@lespetitsgazette.com for more information.


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