When it’s Robbie’s turn to read to the boys I take Jules. Sometimes he naps for ten minutes and I have just enough time to do absolutely nothing. Or I could write half a blog post. Really I’m just waiting for Robbie to get downstairs so we can watch Westworld. Have you seen it? We generally watch shows six months to a year after the rest of the world. Sometimes several years. We still haven’t seen a single episode of Lost. Is that shocking?

I’ve never been into sci-fi. It might be my least favorite genre (after K-horror and J-horror – I’m pretty sure people who watch those movies should be on some kind of watch list). I’m actually the opposite of a sci-fi person. I’d go back in time if I had a choice. 1920s Paris probably. As long as I was artsy and also independently wealthy. But I’m into Westworld. It’s so well made and I love a good moral tale about humanity. Also, James Marsden.

So let’s see if I can catch you up on the goings on around here before Robbie gets done reading…

Finn gave us an appendix scare on Sunday night. After throwing up on Robbie in the waiting room, an x-ray and a blood draw it was determined that he had a stomach bug (or ate too many fries at Five Guys).

It snowed for the first time on Monday!! Last winter I was pregnant with Jules and I lasted the entire winter with no snow pants that fit me. This year I bought ski pants that make a swishing sound when I walk. Thank god I have little enough shame to wear them to Trader Joe’s.

Jules has my teeth. I’ve been watching two big fat front teeth coming through for the last few weeks and they look just like my baby teeth. He’s got his mama’s tooth gap too. I had a 2mm gap between my two front teeth for most of my childhood. I could fit the ring pull off a coke in that gap.

I’m working on some cool things over the next few weeks. I’m teaming up with Prana Chai for an Insta-giveaway. Prana Chai is basically the best chai tea on earth (and I’m an expert, friends). I’ll be posting about the giveaway this weekend. Also, apart from the wall hangings I’ve been making, I’ve been making gorgeous necklaces for the Les Petits Gazette Shop. I should be able to open in February or March!

Autumn days are coming to an end for 2016. I took these photos of my boys a couple of weeks ago at the lake. Next time we go back, the leaves will be gone and the whole reserve will be a winter wonderland. And I can’t wait.

Alright alright alright! See you in a couple of days for the Prana giveaway! XO