I’ve been wanting to post a Bugaboo Donkey review since April. When we bought ours, I was pregnant with Jules. We got it because with three boys under four, we liked the idea of the Comfort Wheeled Board (we call it the skateboard), so Finn can walk some and ride some. We’ve used it all spring and summer and we are using it as much as possible through the fall before it gets too cold. And now – can we just talk about that gorgeous little thing in the middle square? It’s the Bugaboo Donkey Weekender Special Edition. I’m in love.



The Bugaboo Donkey is named, I’m sure, for it’s ability to carry three small humans and my 50 pound purse.  The seat + bassinet + skateboard was our go to configuration when Jules was first born. Now he likes to look around so for walks to the park or weekend mornings at the lake we use both seats and the skateboard. When Finn is in drama class or at the gym, I take Bennett and Jules in the two seat configuration and leave the skateboard at home. In the mornings when it’s just me and Jules shopping or walking, the stroller cinches in for one baby and has a side basket that slides onto the frame just like a seat or bassinet.


The Bugaboo Donkey glides a lot like a jogger and is easy to control. You can keep the stroller in 4 wheel drive or lock the front wheels. Every Bugaboo Donkey review I read before buying it said you can use it as a jogger. It’s not a jogger. When I have run with it, there have been a couple of times when I’ve felt a pull on one wheel, like it’s on tracks or something. It can be used to jog but it’s not perfect for it.


There is a five point harness on the seats. The bassinet needs to be in the flat position unless you are folding it up. The brake is easy to apply and there is a wrist strap for hills and jogging.


The folding mechanism, once mastered, is pretty amazing for a double stroller. Watch a video – I was wrestling with it for ages before I found out I was doing it wrong. It is bulkier than a single but it still gets pretty compact and fits in our trunk as well as our BOB single jogger.


The Comfort Wheeled Board can be used as a skateboard or a little seat. It’s as comfy as a bike seat so Finn usually sits instead of standing. You can change out the canopies (I chose black obviously, but we have the cream cover for hot summer days) I bought these stroller hooks because they clip onto the Bugaboo frame perfectly, but I also have these cheap ones from my BOB days – they work on any stroller and are super easy to use.


The downside is obviously the price. The complete set, with two bassinets and two regular seats is around $2000. And a Bugaboo is not a cheap stroller to accessorize.  The Comfort Wheeled Board is $130. The coffee holder (obvs totally necessary) is $25. The awesome thing about high quality, name brand baby gear is that if you take care of it, the resale value on your investment is shockingly good. Just search Craigslist for a used Bugaboo and you’ll see what I mean.