So that trip to IKEA a couple of weeks ago produced something positive. Yeah! I’m happy with the RIBBA picture ledges I bought to use as bookshelves. The books add color to the room displayed like this and the shelves seem quite sturdy (nobody has tried to pull them down yet). Here’s how they look close up…



If you’re looking closely, the sides are a little rough. This is IKEA folks.


The hardest part was lining them up perfectly with a level.


This stellar example of quality craftsmanship – a sticker dot to cover up the screw. Nothing a strategically placed book can’t fix.



So if you want an easy update to a kid’s bedroom, I recommend IKEA’s RIBBA Picture ledges as an easy and relatively inexpensive option. Five 45″ ledges will cost you $75 plus tax and about an hour with a drill and a level. And even if you are not sure and you just want to see them in person, nothing bonds a family better than a trip to IKEA. HA.

There are plenty of picture ledges that are sturdy enough to hold books like this. Just search for “picture ledge” on the IKEA site.