Board games for family time and swings that hang from the rafters – the best gifts for kids with autism double as awesome gifts for the whole family.

  1. Tranquility Turtle gives a calming glow and plays ocean wave or seaside serenade sounds for relaxation.
  2. Bee careful! Remove leaves without dislodging the sleeping bees. The player with the fewest bees in his/her tray at the end of the game wins!
  3. The Eagle Tree is the captivating story of fourteen-year-old March Wong, a young autistic boy living next to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest.
  4. Emotion-oes is an excellent early learning game that puts a new twist on the classic dominoes game. Children match facial expressions.
  5. Hang the Joki indoors or outdoors from a ceiling beam, tree or swing set. Great for calming relaxation and play.
  6. The My Feelings Game offers scenarios to help kids explore and talk about emotions and gives regulation strategies to help kids manage their feelings in socially appropriate ways.
  7. Chewable jewelry is great for kids and adults who need to chew.
  8. Weighted blankets provide calming pressure.
  9. If your child doesn’t like to sit with idle hands, this is the perfect solution for waiting rooms and car rides.