Today was a snow day. Bennett is sick so he’d have been home anyway, but Finn was off school too and Robbie worked from home. It’s fun to imagine what life would be like if we shared a home office. I’d like to think that we will work for ourselves some time in the not too distant future and when we do, our home office will be a dimly lit room with floor to ceiling books and it will have a big, heavy mahogany desk in the middle of the room and those green bankers desk lamps like they had in the library scene in Seven – or if you’d prefer, the reading room at the Boston Public Library.

We had a babysitter this morning and even though the times when she comes are supposed to be set aside for ME time, they rarely end up that way. Today I replied to emails, tried to organize a new school visit, started summer camp planning and took care of my sick boy and my not-sick boys. Not being able to get stuff done is a symptom of being a mother but I’m pretty sure I’m sucking at it more than most. I take on too many different things at once and it’s time to get rid of some stuff.

Back in my early twenties I worked for the peak body for children’s welfare agencies in Sydney. I used to take minutes at our Annual General Meeting. I remember the process being super stressful, everyone trying to make a case for their projects to get just a little more funding than the previous year. Everyone arguing that their projects needed more support than somebody else’s. The coffee breaks were intense. There were sideways glances, frustrated eye-rolls, angry whispers. People started to form little groups in order to plot their next move. It was Survivor for the Children’s Welfare Sector.

I imagine my own internal dialog to be similar to an AGM at the moment. I know I have to give up some stuff. But nothing wants to give up easily. The weaver in me is pleading for more time to relax and unwind each night while the budding jewelry maker tries to convince everyone that jewelry is better for gifting than a weave, and far less time consuming. The blogger in me is sitting smugly in the corner like, “Ummm, I was here first.” And while I agree with the ‘last in, first out’ theory, blogging takes a lot more time than you might think. Sometimes it takes me all night to figure out the coding on one little design element. Don’t get me wrong – the coding stuff is actually the part of blogging that makes me feel the most like an adult after a day with a baby and toddlers. But it’s usually late at night or during naps, which makes me tired. And tiredness for me, is really bad.

So I need to get rid of something. I’m pretty sure it’s weaving. I also need to prioritize my time a lot better.

I need some new rules.

I’m going to start by cutting back on social media. I’m going to stop wasting time reading other people’s articles and opinions on Facebook and use the political science schooled brain that I’m still paying student debt on. I subscribed to theSkimm. Guys, this is the best thing to happen to my inbox. I get the headlines and a quick summary for each day and I can read more about what’s important to me.

I’m also planning to get some exercise in each day. The whole, “get fit, be more productive” thing. That’s the plan anyway.

What do you do to cut down on wasted time or be more productive? Let me know in the comments.