A couple of weeks ago, Comcast put on an Xfinity event for Boston influencers to learn about their X1 platform and Xfinity Home. I left Jules with Robbie for the first time and it felt so good to be out meeting adults. The Comcast staff were so nice. They ushered me from my car. They gave me a folder. They talked nice to me.

Actually going into a Comcast store is an enlightening experience in itself. Comcast and Xfinity staff are there to explain all the information that they can’t jam into a 30 second advertisement. There’s a lot to learn and the set up and layout of the store makes it really easy to see how everything works and how all of the Xfinity products fit together.

There are so many things that Xfinity does that I had no idea about two weeks ago but I want to tell you about the stuff that I got most excited about.

X1 Devices


X1 makes regular TV look lame. If you already have Xfinity TV, it’s totally free to upgrade.

Kids Zone + Common Sense Media

We only want the boys watching shows that have a positive message. Using the X1 parental controls, we can sort through kids programming to find content that is appropriate for our boys.  Integrated Common Sense Media ratings and reviews assess programs based on a range of different themes like educational value, positive role models, positive messages, violence and scariness, language, consumerism, sexy stuff etc. We can also set a PIN so the boys don’t wander out of Kids Zone or order pay per view programs.


The Xfinity Remote with Voice Control

Holy cow. This thing you guys! You can tell it what to do with your voice! You can use it to search networks, shows, movies and actor names, change the channel and get movie recommendations. You can even tell it a movie quote and it will find the movie it came from!  As the movie quote king, Robbie is going to have a field day with this thing and you can be sure I’ll be feeding it a Grosse Pointe Blank line every now and then just for fun. Hey, hey, bing bing bing bing bang! POPCORN!


Specially Tailored-for-TV Apps

You can play your Pandora playlist, check the weather or keep tabs on your family’s favorite teams with the X1 Sports app.

Customers can stream their recordings and live television directly to their devices. This is great for setting up a second screen for your kids. Road-trip? Download all the episodes from your favorite series and let the binge-watching begin!

**The apps are detailed below.


Xfinity Home is Comcast’s home security, control and energy management platform. The system allows you to stay connected to your home remotely through an interactive web portal and your mobile device.


I’m a security freak. I never used to be. I left the house completely unlocked before I had three kids. The previous owners of our house had a lot of expensive art so their security system was pretty amazing but it was soooo expensive to keep it monitored. Xfinity’s security system does more than our original system did and is so much cheaper to have monitored.

The Xfinity Home security system is state of the art. It gives you the ability to watch live streams from wireless cameras around your house even if you are away. It will even send you an alert if a door in your house is opened while you’re not home.  The equipment is beautiful, easy to use and the monitoring (if you choose to use it) is so much more affordable than anywhere else I’ve seen.

The home platform isn’t just for security though. You can manage your energy consumption by controlling lights and the thermostat remotely. My Comcast gift bag had a NEST Learning Thermostat in it, which works with Xfinity Home. I replaced our old thermostat myself while Robbie was in California. I’m so technical now.

Isn’t it pretty?



Xfinity TV

With the Xfinity TV app we can:

  • Stream our X1 DVR recordings at home or on the go
  • Download X1 DVR recordings directly to our mobile devices and take them on-the-go to watch anytime (perfect for my upcoming trip to Oz for when I don’t have access to Wi-Fi on the plane or in the car etc)
  • View the guide and schedule X1 DVR recordings
  • Watch thousands of Xfinity on-demand TV series and popular movies at home or on the go
  • Choose from up to 100 networks from E! to CNN to Lifetime to stream on the go
  • Stream virtually the entire channel lineup for iOS or Android devices inside the house

Xfinity Home

The Xfinity Home app allows us to monitor and control our home security remotely. We can watch the video feeds from any camera in the house at any time from anywhere.

Xfinity My Account

My Account helps us manage our Xfinity services. We can schedule a callback from a Comcast representative, set up a service appointment, troubleshoot devices, change our Comcast account password and adjust our Wi-Fi settings with one tap.

Xfinity Share

The Xfinity Share app makes it easy to share our favorite moments with friends and family, especially if they have X1. We can live stream directly from our smart phone to an X1 TV or another Share app user, or send photos and videos to the cloud to store our memories.

Hey look Grandma and Grandpa! It’s Finn and Bennett eating watermelon!


Xfinity Connect

Provides access to features including Comcast.net email; call logs and call forwarding; Universal Address Book; also includes complimentary Voice2go access, which means we can take Xfinity Voice with us virtually anywhere, including overseas.


Go to the Xfinity website to find out more about all of the products I’ve mentioned in this post and a ton more. And if you can get into an Xfinity store it’s well worth it.