Winter Study

‘WINTER STUDY’ – Natural Elements on Construction Paper

This is a selection of the winter offerings brought in from the yard by Finn and Bennett. Care of the Thompson Gallery.


This is actually a post about pregnancy symptoms. So, you know, read it or don’t.

The past few weeks I’ve been waking up with serious leg cramps. I jump out of bed at 3am with a cramp in my calf muscle and I flail about in silence so as not to wake Robbie. Apparently I’m dehydrated. And I need to do some yoga.

I also get round ligament pain. Or sciatica. It could be anything really because despite all the information about childbearing available to me, I have no idea what’s really going on inside my body. Finn claims to know exactly what’s going on, because I’ve been letting him watch BabyCenter’s Inside Pregnancy videos. A few weeks ago, the mother of one of Finn’s classmates was telling me about the day she visited Finn’s classroom to introduce the class to their three week old baby. Apparently Finn was fielding questions and explaining to the class what goes on inside a mother’s tummy when she’s pregnant. His explanations went into great detail. We have ourselves a budding OBGYN.

Finn loves putting his hand on my belly while we read together and he goes nuts when he feels the baby kick. And when the baby isn’t sticking a knee into my bladder, his little kicks are very cool. But pregnancy also means shortness of breath, inability to sleep (or wax my legs, or eat a full meal in one sitting, or comfortably tie my own sneaks).  I need to pee almost immediately after I have just been to the bathroom (but only at night when I’m trying to get comfortable in bed).

It also means getting emotional about stuff that doesn’t really matter. It’s okay to be emotional; I’ve always been a little emotional. But now I’m crying during 30 second life insurance commercials. I also have a permanent split in the skin on my big toe. I haven’t used a pumice in weeks (it’s hard to see my feet let alone exfoliate them). So I feel like an old leathery man. A lumberjack if you like.

With that I will say, that this last few weeks of pregnancy have sucked. And I am grateful for this gift.