It’s November and it’s still t-shirt weather in San Diego. We went to the beach today and soaked in the last rays of warm weather. It felt like a kind of farewell to San Diego. We’re really starting to feel like we’re leaving now. San Diego has been home to Robbie for a dozen years and almost half that for me. As exciting as it is for us to be going to Massachusetts, there’s a sadness in leaving here. It’s mostly people that we’ll miss but also this beautiful city.

Even just leaving this house is bittersweet. Under all the boxes and tissue paper and packing tape, there is a home that we’ll never come back to. Memories have been made on the kitchen floor where Finn learned the thrill that comes from being pushed around in a cardboard box, and the bathtub where we made magic “light pools” with glow-sticks in the water. Rob and I have spent many nights in this living room, watching Mad Men, drinking wine and dreaming about the future.

I want to be on the east coast. I’ve been ready to go for a while. But now as I’m driving around Hillcrest, La Jolla, North county and the Gaslamp, I find myself making notes on places I want to go one last time before we leave. When I’m talking with the crazy old guy who sings ABBA songs as he bags groceries at Vons, I wonder if this is the last time I’ll see him. It’s funny how you only start to see the beauty in a place as you’re walking out the door. I’m pretty sure we’ll be back here someday, it all depends on how many New England winters we can endure. But for now, it’s good-bye San Diego.

Good-bye Hillcrest with your good food and open mind. Good-bye PB and your endless pot dispensaries, sushi joints and tattoo shops. Good-bye OB – I will always remember your awesome fish tacos and good people. Good-bye Gaslamp district and good-bye Cafe Chloe. Good-bye Balboa Park, I’m sorry I didn’t see all of you (I know you’re worth it). Good-bye San Diego Zoo and my complicated feelings about your existence. Good-bye Museum of Natural History and the Children’s Museum – you kept me sane on rainy days with a one year old. Good-bye Coronado and your gorgeous white sand and red turreted hotel. Good-bye La Jolla and your stinky beaches and flirtatious fish shop boys. Good-bye fair-weather football fans and Children’s Pool politics. Good-bye Del Mar and cougar happy hour at L’Auberge.

It’s been grand. Until we meet again – stay classy, San Diego.