Hello again! I know it’s been a while. It’s the whole newborn baby thing.

Some stuff that’s been going on lately:

Baby Jules is packing on the grams. His month long feeding frenzy broke last night when he went FOUR HOURS without nursing! That’s a win in my book. And his name is still just Jules. Not Julian or Julius. And Jules is a boys name. People are struggling with this concept.

Spring is officially here. The pool is being opened this week and importantly, the peonies are almost out. We have a dozen peony plants (bushes?) and they are all magenta. I love the light pink we had on the Cape so I plan to get some of those in the garden STAT. Spring in this house also involves encounters with very large ants apparently. They are starting to freak me out, which is odd considering I’m from Australia, the land of human sized spiders and snakes (that’s what Americans think, right?) If Bennett is lucky enough to find an ant in the kitchen, he’ll follow it around on his hands and knees and laugh hysterically at it. Okay weirdo.

Bennett is officially the cutest little human on the planet. His facial expressions and the way he gets about are adorable, and the half-words that come out of his mouth. Oh lord. So cuuuuute!!! And the things Finn says lately are ridiculous. He’s been saying “Oh my gosh I nearly died…” and “oh forget it, seriously, just forget it” and “oh that’s great, Bennett, really great” (sarcasm!! my 4 year old is using sarcasm!!) I have NO IDEA where he gets this stuff from. But really – unlike him calling his little brother Benito Mussolini, I actually don’t know where he gets it from. So I have major FOMO because they’re growing up so fast and I need it all on video. Did you ever want to get a videographer just to follow your kids around for an entire day and capture a complete 24 hour cycle of cuteness? Like “A Day in The Life of…” kind of thing? I don’t want to forget how cute these boys are right now.

Robbie set up a very girly surprise party for my birthday on the 16th. He’s pretty swell. Finn helped decorate and then told me about the surprise, and also what my present was. He’s also pretty swell, but he needs to learn restraint.

39th birthday surprise

Finn’s hair has grown back! This is a MAJOR development, obviously. Back in the middle of January, I took the boys to Snip-its. I’m a little gun shy when it comes to the boys’ haircuts. Bennett’s first haircut was kind of stunning. They look years older overnight and it’s hard enough watching them grow up in real time. Haircuts feel like I’m in fast forward when I want to hit pause. Anyway, despite my fairly detailed instructions (you know that my instructions were detailed) she gave him a buzz-cut. And yes, I am aware that there are worse things in the world than a bad toddler haircut but I was pissed. We were in line at the whole foods straight after and the couple behind us started talking to Finn and he told them he just got a haircut. I mentioned that I wasn’t expecting a buzz-cut and the woman gave me this knowing, apologetic smile, and the guy says, “You know the difference between a bad haircut and a good one is a couple of weeks.” Which was kind of comforting, but also a complete lie.  It’s been four months and his hair has only just grown out enough that it doesn’t stick up at the back. Four months in toddler years is a lotta photo ops.


And in case all this pink is getting to be a little much, look at this robin’s egg that Robbie found. Robin’s Egg Blue – I dig it.




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